Friday, October 21, 2005

No vacations on Yavin IV

Where have I been for the past month? Just shuffling around the Empire, going from one Star Destroyer to another. I probably should have been updating this, but I got busy (and lazy). So, before I describe where I'm currently at, I've gotta go back in time and finish the tale of the "Death Star", Coruscant, and all the other messes that took place. Trust me, you won't be missing anything by me playing catch up this whole time, we're really just floating around space sending probe droids everywhere.

Shortly after the Rebel spies blasted out of the "Death Star," there was an emergency memo circulated to all employees stating that we were going to Yavin:

Subject: Yavin

Dear loyal Death Star employees,

In the next week, we will be travelling over to the Yavin system. Our sharp Imperial intelligence has indicated that the Rebel spies have a hidden base on the 4th moon. This moon is a forest moon and is considered a prime vacation spot by many people. However, because the terrorist threat of the Rebel Alliance must be eliminated for complete safety and security of our Empire, there is a chance that the Death Star's main gun will have to be used to destroy the base. There is a risk that the moon will be destroyed as well.

Obviously, we wish to preserve the economy of the Yavin system and its travel industry and we hope that the Rebels surrender peacefully. However, we will do what we must to preserve peace and protection throughout our galaxy.

If you have friends or relatives vacationing on Yavin IV, we recommend that you advise them to leave early. Do not - I repeat - do not mention anything about the Rebel base, spies, or the Death Star.

Best regards,

Grand Moff Tarkin

P.S. Obviously, this information is confidential. Do not forward this on to anyone.


So we were off to Yavin. At the same time, several officers - myself included - were given temporary assignments to help out Star Destroyers that had been recently hit by Rebel attacks. My assignment was to attend to the (what else) turbolaser repair on the Star Destroyer Killzone, and I was scheduled to leave right after we entered the Yavin system. And that's where I'll pick up on my next post (it won't be a month from now, I promise!)


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