Friday, May 27, 2005

We are live!

Just call me the Grumpy Moff - another hard-working member of the Galactic Empire who gets a little frustrated from time to time. Yeah, I'll be blowing off some steam here, but I'll also tell you like it is. Rebel scum will tell you that the Empire sucks. You know what? There's certainly things that I don't like about it. Tarkin can be a real dick at times, and Vader has absolutely NO sense of humor whatsoever (at least none that I've seen). Still, the benefits are great and the pay is pretty good. Better than slogging away at a cantina on Coruscant or mining in the Outer Rim, that's for sure. Plus, the gym facilities in Star Destroyers are absolutely awesome.

I plan to remain anonymous, since I don't want a certain black helmet choking the crap out of me if I say the wrong thing. That's what Astromech droids and transmission scramblings are made for. I can promise that you'll get the truth from me - if certain officers are being jerks or if the food starts sucking or if Vader does something really stupid, I'll be the first to tell you.

Think of me as you gossip monger for the Empire and the voice of the Imperial worker. Someone's gotta do it, and I gotta let off some steam from time to time.


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